Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Drums

Spent the weekend in Austin to meet up with a friend to see the drums together. We almost didn't make it to the concert because the tickets were sold out. We went to the place where they were gonna play and CONNOR the drummer from The Drums was chillin' outside. So I was thinking, fuck I can't see these guys live I might as well take a picture with one of them. After I took a picture with him he asked me if I was going to the show and I told him I couldn't because they were sold out. So he was like, we'll just put you on the "list". He put my name and my friends names on the list and we totally got in for FREE. :D After the concert he just went out to the front to smoke a cigarette, so me and my friends walked up to him to thank him for letting us in and signed one of my posters that I stole from the wall and he scratched out ADAMS face out and said "he passed away" I was like WTF in my head..lol then while we were smoking he decided to burn Adams face off with a cigarette. It's crazy, Adam must of really pissed him off when he quit the band. ALL IN ALL, the concert was so fun, I danced through the whole thing. Johnathon, Connor and Jacob did such a good job. Lastly, I fucking love CONNOR for being the nicest and genuine guy ever.

Connor burning adams face out with a cigarette lol

Hobo: Forever Alone.. -tear- lol :/

Yup, we love our cigarettes.

Best BROS I could possibly ask

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