Thursday, April 29, 2010

I want it to end.

College is kicking my ass. HARD.
I mean last minute research papers, C'MON. Ridiculous..
Finals and such..
I wanted to pull a nighter so I could finish the research paper but it drained and overwhelmed the shit out of me. The only thing that sucks now is that I can't fall asleep because I drank coffee. So now I'm just gonna suck it up and stay awake.
Because of school I couldn't comfortably spend my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend.. boo.

Great now I'm getting hungry.. gah I hate this.

The only thing I'm happy about right now is that my boyfriend is getting Doc Martens like me. I could already picture both of us wearing our pair of docs together..
I don't care if they are slowly becoming overrated, I worked hard for my pair so I'm gonna wear them always.

I am completely inlove with her outfit..

haha I love this video. Notice how it says “Una Clase de Pendejos” on the board. lol

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