Monday, May 2, 2011

Austin- Omar Rodriguez Lopez

Austin Power Plant. The most interesting venue I've ever been to.

Inside the power plant (the picture sucks but it really did look awesome)

zechs marquise (ughh I hate being 5'2)

Marcel & Marfred Rodriguez Lopez from Zechs Marquise

When the concert was over some random dude reached over and got his extra pics from the mic and I yelled "dude gimmeeh one" and he was nice enough to hand me one :D

Best shirt ever, I don't want to stop wearing it.

Austin dank is always necessary (chronic)

Beautiful new bong that my boyfriend and I pitched in for

One of my very good friends kristine ❤

My goodman stevie!

"hey cupcake" is always a must.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL BONG! omg have to get one. Do you really got pictures of weed on your blog? Pretty brave thing, have to give some respect!: D