Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The feeling

when you are finished with finals.
And the feeling when you think you have homework, but you don't. :)
Feels great.

I'm gonna take College Algebra this summer and hopefully an Art class..maybe Painting II.
We'll see how it goes..

Last weekend was so awesome.
At first, I thought My boyfriend and I were just gonna go out to eat for our 2 year anniversary..
so then we were just watching Coraline until he tells me that he wants to smoke a cigarette in the back yard and then out of no where I hear SURPRISE! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY..I was like, WHAT? haha. All my friends popped out of no where and then my cousin and boyfriend wipped out the ice chest with beer. How awesome is that.. It was better than a dinner and honestly, better than my birthday parties. What a great 2 year anniversary celebration with my boyfriend. I teared a little bit. :3

Right now I feel like making abstract art. I have many ideas..

and I have an obsession with Michael Pitt. I'm in love with his facial features and his crazy movie roles. Gahhh...


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