Sunday, May 9, 2010

My life?

Happy Mother's Day! It's 5:30 and I should be asleep by now to accompany my mom tomorrow but I guess I wont sleep. Times like these remind me how much I should kick myself in the ass and get job, cause I really wish I could give something to my mom. I wanted to paint her something but I just don't know if she'll like my abstract art..She really doesn't look too deep into that kinda stuff.. blah. There really shouldn't be an excuse but I do love her.

Man, with college being over, it's been fun. I guess right now I'm loving the feeling of being around friends..It's been a long time since I've had that feeling..

My friend took these, they are awesome.

this is supposed to be "the strokes" themed lol

Whataburger is where it's at.

Family Size Fries


The Mars Volta "Scabdates"

Lovinnn the smiths right now.

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